Tuesday, December 14, 2010


W. Amsler Equipment Inc. is a reputed manufacturer of all-electric; reheat stretch-blow molding machines. The Canadian based enterprise is situated in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The company has now come up with innovative preform cooling systems that have been made keeping PET liquor containers in mind.

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These cooling systems as produced by Amsler will have a relatively increased air flow in the oven. This in turn would drastically cut down the surface temperature of perform which means less stress and faster molding cycles.

These results in better production speeds, all the while the container quality isn’t one bit affected. The new model uses plenum instead of standard reflectors. The new system has a standard integrated filtered air supply rather than depending on compressed air.

The companies which have already installed these advanced preform cooling system are seeing improved productivity. This is truer for Westbridge Inc. which is a company situated in Calgary, Alberta. It is a blow molder of pet containers as far as soft drinks, water, and liquor is concerned. Westbridge Inc.

produces about 1107 bottles/hr which is superiorly improved when compared with the previous 960 bottles/hr. This would definitely boost the company’s profits pretty soon and give an improved Return Of investment. The productivity is increased as well as the cycle time is reduced which means efficiency like never before seen.

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