Thursday, May 13, 2010

European Aviation Industry is Fighting Back

The losses which were incurred by the European aviation industry are on their way to recovery. The volcanic ash incident led to a lot of trip cancellations to the European continent but now the situation is becoming rosy again.

The chief executive of London Executive Aviation (LEA), Europe’s leading business jet charter said there ticket booking were full. He said the industry suffered a huge blow during the volcanic ash eruption but after it was over now the things are settling down back to normal. Customers are turning back to business aviation and the airlines are picking up speed.

During March LEA booked 149 jobs whereas it booked 115 jobs in March 2009.
This clearly shows a 29.6% increase across total fleet. There was also a 19.7% rise in the overall ticket bookings from 438 in 2010 to 366 in 2009 during the same period.

The growth is slow the aviation industry knows this and is keeping a positive approach. The recovery will be gradual and soon will be rather dramatic. It has been observed that well managed charter operators have survived the recession period because of their services, even during the volcanic ash fiasco a lot of airlines tried their best to make quick arrangements for their stranded passengers in reaching their destinations.

Routes were changed, extra flights were running and even the airline staff worked overtime to make sure passengers would not suffer much. All these gestures of airlines had a great impact on the travelers and they know which airline to choose and which to ditch.

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