Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Server rooms are places that are active almost twenty four seven and require excessive cooling as compared to with any other. But then again having a relatively organized server room too goes a long way.

Right from keeping equipment damage at minimal to better maintenance, organization always helps. Add to this the fact that one may also get better air flow unlike before.

ICS Temp is supplier of air blast & adiabatic coolers like fully packaged air blast coolers, flat bed air blast fluid coolers & ‘V’ block air blast cooler with Adiabatic Spray System.

In fact improper air flow can actually result in poor cooling technology. Not to mention the fact that it leads to higher electricity bills, increased maintenance costs, more carbon footprints, increased stress on hardware and system failure among other things.

Thus one would do good to choose apt server cabinets. All the while keep in mind they are deep enough for managing the cables and wires as well as air flow. Simple ideas like just using blanking plates might go a long way in keeping things cool in the server.

These plates fill up the gap in equipments and the hot exhaust air just gets out of the system from their rear then flowing around inside the system itself. This may, by mixing with the cool air lessen up the efficiency of the cooling system. Last but not the least one would do good to place rear doors. These would prove to be more then handy when the server room is used for air distribution.

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  1. Yeah all right. This cooling system will helps a lot of my internet cafe. And I used one of the great cooling system the air cooled chillers. :)