Tuesday, December 14, 2010


With the ever increasing prices of the monthly electricity bills, people are for sure looking at options now to do better monthly savings. This is also true of Australia which like with most of the world is facing rising energy and gas bills. This has them searching for products which will help them save better on their monthly bills.

ICS Temp is supplier of cooling towers like water cooling towers for water cooled applications. We supply factory build & field erected cooling towers, roof top cooling towers, forced draft centrifugal fan design cooling towers.

Solar-powered ceiling fans are among the products that a lot of people have queried about and desiring to know more about. But then again the other standard fans are also a better option when compared with air conditioning.

An air conditioning costs a good $2 to $5 for every single night it runs. On the other hand a fan running for the same amount of time would end up giving a bill of a mere 4¢. People may also run a fan using solar power and an inverter. This would be an ingenious method of doing invaluable savings.

According to experts the bills are only going to raise more from here and there is no chance of things mellowing down, not in the near future. Add to this the fact that there is an ever increase in the demand for electricity. Better electricity networks are created which again have added more to the bills.

The Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON) is seeing an ever increasing number of complaints it receives. Most of the complaints are again in regards to the rising energy bills. Some of the methods to use here which might help better the situation a bit are consulting retailers intimately and running online checks. The national electricity price comparison website GoSwitch is also seeing an increasing number of people wishing to change their electricity provider.

ICS Temp is supplier and manufacturer of temperature controllers and tool heaters equipments. We supply standard units from stock as well as purpose build unit to meet specific site requirements.

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