Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The hybrid cars as offered by Toyota took the fascination of one and all. The cars, namely Prius hybrids are facing an issue. About three hundred and seventy eight thousand models of the Prius were sold in North America. These cars are finding issues in the cooling systems.

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Toyota Motor Corp has offered a free “limited service campaign,” which would deal with the troubles. The cars may otherwise end up dealing with overheating and power problems. The program is offered to owners who have purchased these hybrid cars between 2004 to 2007 period. None the less this is not a serious issue posing any safety risk what so ever. Thus the repair program as offered by Toyota should take apt care of it.

The move seems to be an ingenious one even as nothing satisfies a customer like with these service offerings. None the less, even the company is yet to hear of any case involving a car accident or injury as a direct result of the pump problem. The complete sum for the repair charges will be paid by Toyota itself and the customers won’t have to shell out a single penny.

The campaign is thus to develop a strong connect with its millions of customers in the region. The company will start with the new campaign and make people aware of it coming this December in 2010.

The year hasn’t exactly been a great one for Toyota which has had to anyways deal with lower sales and recalls of nearly eleven million cars in United States itself. While not to mention the harsh critics whom the company had to continually deal with as well assure them of its quality programs.

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